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StarTrinity software company develops world class server side VoIP software for testing, proxying, termination of SIP/RTP/T.38 traffic. Publically available VoIP software products and services are:
SIP Tester
is used to test and monitor quality of SIP/RTP servers, trunks, VoIP networks, to analyse .pcap files
SIP Softswitch
is used for GSM Termination (with SIM management), VoIP wholesale, VoIP retail origination
StarTrinity VoIP Status
is used for VoIP readiness testing to test jitter, packet loss, MOS in prospect's network before dealing with them
CRM for software developers
large system, is used to optimize marketing and technical support for software developers. we use it ourselves
HTTP Tester
HTTP/HTTPS GUI test tool for Windows. We use it to test and troubleshoot our web API's
Hierarchical list, we use it for software design, task management, bug tracking, storing knowledge in structured way
Network Tester
is used to run UDP stream tests across IP networks
Various projects:


Our software is based on Microsoft Windows, C#, .NET, WPF, HTML, javascript and C/C++. Development methods include:
  • tracking user's experience and improving software based on feedback
  • getting immediate bug reports and fixing problems in short period of time
  • keeping codebase clean and healthy, massive refactoring and optimization of code
  • running extensive stress tests
  • talking and listening to customers, receiving requests of new features
  • researching activity of competitors
  • writing documentation based on customers' questions: minimizing need of live technical support
We publish some parts of development/coding on our youtube channel.


We are proud of high stability and easy maintenance of the software. We do value:
  • easy, understandable GUI and fast learning curve for customers
  • efficiency of GUI and API
  • high speed of installation and configuration
  • quality and robustness of our code
  • prompt bug fixing and rapid development of new features
Our company StarTrinity is named in honor of the Holy Trinity (God), since he helps us in the software development, in marketing and in personal life

Software development principles

  • Show error details to end-user to optimize troubleshooting, if it does not create security vulnerabilities
    • If end-user can not solve the issue, send the error details to software developer. Avoid sending too many error reports
  • Consider performance (number of records, files)
  • Use correct english language within the code
  • Minimize size of code (e.g. use shared procedures when similar code is used in many places)
  • Improve efficiency of the coding every day

Our team

Sergey Alyoshin, Iuliana Nurmukhamedova Sergey Aleshin - CEO, founder, software developer. Sergey has been writing code since 2000, initially QuickBasic DOS programs for himself, then Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Borland C++, MS Visual C++ for self-directed research work in field of AI & machine learning. In 2006 he started to work in office for a call center company where he developed SIP/RTP stack for the call center and IP PBX. Sergey was responsible for VoIP troubleshooting, so he created a tool to generate SIP calls, the tool finally was marketed as SIP Tester (his first commercial product). Beyond the SIP Tester there are many other products, part of them published on the website. Sergey worked as freelancer at upwork (former odesk) in 2010..2014.

Iuliana Nurmukhamedova - psychologist, business & decision consultant
Xenia Kuznetsova Xenia Kuznetsova - software developer, business partner.
Xenia has joined in 2018 as ASP.NET MVC C# software developer and business partner. She develops console, desktop and web applications using C# and .NET since 2011. Engineer and mathematician. Graduated from a university in 2011. At that time she engaged in research into matrix algebra and conducted work related to request processing optimization in a learning management system. In 2016 she participated in research into financial engineering and quantitative analysis at the faculty of applied mathematics


We are looking for partners and employees: check our jobs
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