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Continuous speed test, HTML5 bandwidth test benchmark

  • Internet speed test with long duration: long-term download and upload bandwidth (speed) test tool
  • Periodically sends download and upload requests to server
  • Measures and tracks bandwidth of your internet connection during a long (unlimited) period of time
  • Measures reliability of internet connection (uptime in percents, max. downtime)
  • Tracks connection outages and drops of bandwidth

Use cases

  • Selecting the fastest and most reliable internet provider - 3G, 4G LTE, wifi, satellite, ADSL, FTTx
  • Estimating reliability of internet connection for mission critical applications
  • Selecting best wifi/3G/4G router/modem location, best antenna orientation
Warning: you may get inaccurate measurements due to limited bandwidth of our servers. If you want to host the test on your server, please contact us.
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