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International VoIP market essential components - market research

The diagram is published for people who want to understand the structure of international VoIP and SMS market better. Most part of the market is grey and it is hard for newcomer to comprehend what happens in the market. We have spent few years to understand what is really going on.

Actual facts about international telecom market

  • End-user callers benefit from low rates for long-distance calls. Bypass fraud reduces rates and regulates the market
  • Many mobile network operators (MNOs) in destination countries are owned by government. There is lack of competition
  • The existence of international bypass fraudsters gives job to anti-fraud companies
  • Complexity of bypass fraud and anti-fraud business operations increases continuously and there is no way to stop it. The increasing complexity increases size of the anti-fraud market
  • We develop software for both call generation and call termination


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