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GSM Termination with StarTrinity Softswitch

If the tutorial is not clear, please send specific questions to skype asv128
To set up the GSM termination business you will need

Configuring the StarTrinity softswitch

  • Register for free trial here - create account on our hosted softswitch, or use the softswitch on your server
  • Set up a Dbltek GoIP gateway at your destination, connect it to internet
  • Configure softswitch menu - SIM management - Gateway Locations
  • Configure softswitch menu - SIM management - Gateways
    • Add new gateway
    • Follow instructions, connect your GoIP gateway to the softswitch
    • If the gateway is still offline, troubleshoot your internet connection using GoIP - Tools - Ping, make sure that WAN settings are correct
    • Try to access the GoIP gateway via our switch IP
    • Click softswitch menu - SIM management - gateway details - auto configure gateway
  • Insert few SIM cards, see their status in softswitch - SIMs. The status should be "online"
  • Configure softswitch menu - SIM management - SIM operators
  • Configure softswitch menu - Configuration - Originators
    • Add new originator for client(s)
    • Enter client's IP address
    • Set service plan = "no billing" (for the initial test you don't need billing)
    • Set routing group = "gateway channels"
    • Add originator for your test softphone (e.g. Zoiper). Set user name and password in the softswitch, enter same username/password in the softphone
  • Make test call from the softphone or directly from softswitch Web UI (originator details - make test call)

Running research of SIM blocking

  • Write down and send to us all info about manipulation with the SIM cards for analysis (e.g location, activation, deactivation, recharging/top-up, etc)
  • Collect your own CDRs or your trusted parter's CDRs, analyse them with our CDR analysis tool
  • Test with manually generated traffic
  • Test with automatically generated traffic
  • Test with cleanest traffic
    • Try various sources of traffic
    • Ask us for clean traffic, we will ask our partners
  • Give us access to the softswitch to analyse the test results
  • Ask us to optimize the configuration of the softswitch to protect the SIM cards based on your research. Perform the testing and re-configuration multiple times
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