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StarTrinity VoIP Status

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StarTrinity VoIP Status is a web-based system to manage VoIP tests:
  • one-time (short-duration) VoIP readiness tests
  • continous VoIP monitoring tests [under development]
  • continous tests to send alert when call center IVR is down (no answer, busy tone, dead air issues) [under development]
Client-side and server-side software is be based on StarTrinity SIP Tester. Reports are stored as CSV CDR files on server-side SIP Tester machine, not in central MSSQL database to avoid performance issues. The system is managed via centralized web interface: ASP.NET MVC, MSSQL database. Custom logo option is available.
We had meetings with 4 potential customers (VoIP IP PBX service providers, call center service providers) and collected requirements for the developed software.
  • Reports: PDF with charts: easier to save to customer's folder
  • Using cisco ATA devices as test nodes for continuous monitoring, making real sip calls to them
  • Having SIP Tester as server-side test node (it will receive REGISTER from client-side nodes and make continuous calls, measure quality, save results to CDR CSV files locally)
  • Threshold setting (MOS) to send alert emails
  • Daily emails with measurements with subject = worst MOS during day
  • Integration with customer's ticketing system via API - run voip test on demand, linked to ticket
We have identified common issues:
  • Firewall, SIP ALG, NAT. Test #1 to troubleshoot it: client-side software sends INVITE, server sends 200 OK to same source IP:port. If received 200 OK: result is OK. Make calls to range of SIP ports like 5060...5070, 11000..11010. Report SIP ALG presence for every server SIP port number. Test #2: client-side software sends REGISTER to server. Server sends INVITE to same IP and port where received REGISTER from.
  • low bandwidth during 2-5 minutes make SIP calls with RTP. Enter number of channels, codec (G711/G729). Consider video codec H.264. Report MOS, jitter, packet loss, RTT.
  • DHCP server issues (it can be unavailable). Test: client-side software reports status: DHCP enabled or not in the LAN. DHCP works or not
  • DSCP field issues: DSCP 46 occasionally gets dropped. This would require installation of winpcap library on client and server side
The development progress is published on youtube.
Please contact us by skype - asv128 or email if you are interested in the software, if you need more features/tests to perform.
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